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The Internet’s World Class Benefit Program
Brought to you by Nutronix International

Is saving money a priority? Then you are in the right place.

This program is unlike any you have ever joined before. We have packed the Clubhouse full of exciting products and services. It’s hard to put a price tag on Value, Service, Convenience and Entertainment. These are all intangible items with a different value to different people.

Save up to 90% in these great categories:

Airlline Deals
Hotel Deals
Luggage Deals
Vacation Deals
As Seen On TV Deals
Automotive Deals
Bed and Bath Deals
Consumer Electronics Deals
Costume and Party Supplies
Educational Supplies
Event Deals
Exercise & Health Deals
Educational Supplies
Event Deals
Exercise & Health Deals

Educational Supplies
Event Deals
Exercise & Health Deals
Eye Wear
Flowers and Fragrance Deals
Food and Drinks
Free Stuff
Gift Idea Deals
Golf Deals
Greeting Card Deals
Handbag Deals
Home and Garden Deals
Home Decor Deals
Jewelry Deals
Kitchen Deals

Kitchen Deals
Local Savings
Medical Supplies
Men's Wear Deals
Online Tools
Outdoor Deals
Shoe Deals
Sports Apparel Deals
Sports and Collectibles Deals
Women's Wear Deals

Do You Like To Save Money When You Shop?

If You Knew Of A Good Deal, Would You
Tell Others About It?

If Our Company Paid You For Telling Others,
How Many Would You Tell?

Each new participant activates a membership and follows our process to make 3 enrollments. This creates a "Compound Effect" that begins to fill the 2 x Infinity Matrix structure and creates one coded leg and 2 matching coded legs to infinity! Netting over $65,000 per month in residual income for a filled 15 level deep matrix!

In addition, the coded and matching coded legs are netting over $128,000 per month and continuing to double to infinity. And all of this from a $24.95 fixed expense!

This is your "Power of Two" Team

Over $65,000 Per Month Potential In Our Global 2x15 Matrix!

Other Incredible Ways To Earn!

  • Weekly Fast Start Bonuses!
  • Coded Bonuses!
  • 100% Matching Coded Bonuses!
  • Unlimited Profit Centers!
  • Profit Sharing of ALL Retail Sales! COMING SOON
  • Leadership Awards up to $100,000!!
  • Earn on all Nutronix product sales in your team!


Income Projection With each Distributor sponsoring 3 other Distributors in 21 days

21 day-“Time
17 TPs take
11.9 months
(1 year)

Fast Start Bonuses
paid weekly

Total monthly income
from one profit center
and coded and
matching bonuses
1st Time
2 – 1.4 Months
3 – 2.1 Months
4 – 2.8 Months
5 - 3.5 Months
6 – 4.2 Months
7 – 4.9 Months
8 – 5.6 Months
9 – 6.3 Months
10 – 7 Months
11 – 7.7 Months
12 – 8.4 Months
13 – 9.1 Months
14 – 9.8 Months
15 – 10.5 Months
16 – 11.2 Months
17 – 11.9 Months

What You Get When You Join:

  • Our process to earn a 5 figure income
  • Access to the Buying Club
  • 50% off incredible nutritional supplements!!
  • FREE Replicated Webpages
  • FREE Custom Capture Pages
  • Access to weekly Mentoring Webinars
  • Complete support from upline Mentors to ensure your success